Quantum Credit is a reputable Perth-based company offering mortgage-backed short term business loans – as well as short term investment loans – to borrowers who require urgent funding for business investment or expansion. This includes for commercial property development, bridging loans, shareholder buyouts, debt refinancing, construction completion, working capital and more.

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  1. Credit decisions within a day
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  6. Independent and self funded
  7. Roll over facility available
  8. Loan solutions for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth
Quantum Credit - Completion of a Property Development

A consortium of borrowers had secured significant lines of bank funding for the construction of a block of apartments in the North West of WA, secured by the development property itself. One of the bank’s further security requirements was the provision of a $ 2 million cash deposit to cover the risks of cost overrun on the project. The consortium was able to offer the Quantum Group a combination of first and second mortgages over their various properties and the cash lodgement was made. The project was completed on time and in budget and the short term business loan was settled out of the financing of the completed development by a bank.