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Short Term Business Loans - 4 Myths Busted

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Short Term Bank VS Non Bank Loans

bank or alternative lending

A question we’re very often asked is “why doesn’t a borrower just go to his bank?!” Read on and find out.

Three Benefits of Short Term Commercial Loans

business loan application

This article highlights just three of the many ways in which short term business loan finance can help your organisation achieve your long-term business goals. Consider these points when assessing your options in raising cash for urgent short term business needs. Read more to find out benefits of short term business loans include meeting working capital needs, funding a long term solution.


Picking a Third Tier Lender for Business and Investment

Quantum Credit - Third Tier Lender for Business and Investment

What should borrowers look for when choosing a third tier business lender? 

Brokers Winners in Short Term Finance

Brokers winners in short term finance


So, what are the benefits to brokers of a strong relationship with a short term lender like Quantum Credit?

Digital Marketing - a Dark Art?

Mind of a Digital Marketer


Are digital marketing and social media 'dark arts' with no real pay back - or are they essential components of any marketing strategy in this day and age?

Sport Can Build Business Muscles

Quantum Credit triathlete

The correlation between sporting prowess and business acumen is now widely accepted - from boardrooms to business management institutes - more

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Typical Short-Term Loan Scenarios


Typical Short-Term Loan Scenarios

There are five broad scenario categories where a short-term loan is likely to be the best solution.

Banks Overreacting?

 The “cleansing” phase


Banks go through phases. One of them, the “cleansing” phase, is where they exit any business that no longer fits their lending covenants – illogical as it may sometimes seem.

We’re not talking about businesses that have ...

Are Banks Leaving Your Clients in the Lurch?

What the banks are doing to your clients?

Have you ever scratched your head in disbelief at what the banks are doing to your clients?

As short term lending specialists, the concern we have at Quantum Credit is that the banks take severe action too often against companies that remain viable.

Brokers Become Short-Term Finance Savvy in 8 Simple Steps

Short Term and Long Term Loans

When one of your clients becomes a candidate for a short-term loan remember that your advice and guidance will be key to its success.
Structuring a funding scenario that involves...

Tips for Short-Term Business Lending Novices

Glasbergen Subwwofer

Often a borrower’s needs are not met because the broker, under the misapprehension that the short term loan process is too complex...

Why Arent All Brokers Short-Term Loan Advisors?

Cautious Banks

Why are some brokers active short-term loan advocates while other are not? Is short term funding too often overlooked? We maintain that...

Is Short Term Funding Expensive?

Short Term loan applicationsThe cheapest option for borrowers in most loan scenarios is going to be bank funding – if it is available timeously and on the right conditions. However, if...