Typical Short-Term Loan Scenarios



There are five broad scenario categories where a short-term loan is likely to be the best solution.


1. Property Development


More than half of all short-term loan applications processed are related to property development. Quantum Credit can provide finance solutions in all phases of a project – from land acquisition to residual stock financing.


2. Equity Release


After completing a property development project, or through the increase in value of a property for any reason, a property owner may have built up “equity” in a property asset. If this equity needs to be accessed a short-term loan may be the answer.


3. Reputation Protection


Although a good credit record and solid business reputation are key elements in commercial success, business circumstances can conspire to tarnish them. Short-term loans can be utilised to build and protect reputations.


4. Opportunity Optimiser


When a business or investment opportunity arises unexpectedly, speed of reaction is vital. If existing finance facilities or cash resources cannot be mobilised in the time available short-term loans are an excellent option.


5. Bank Bridger


There are times when the bank will provide finance but it takes forever! There is a mountain of information to provide and many boxes to be ticked. In these situations, business cannot stand still and interim funding is required.


To find out whether short term lending might be right for you or the client you’re advising, give the team at Quantum Credit a call and “Let’s Talk”.

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 Typical Short-Term Loan Scenarios



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