Digital Marketing - a Dark Art?

Top Digital Marketing Lessons from the #TheAdviserBootCamp

100% of the attendees at a recent Adviser Boot Camp on Digital Marketing answered “Yes” to the question “who finds marketing a dark art?” A startling result!

Quantum Credit attended #TheAdviserBootCamp and was also one of the Gold Partners of the event.  Valuable lessons in digital and social marketing were learnt from marketing rockstar presenters -Tim Reid, Adam Franklin and Greg Cassar – and ‘dark art’ it need not be!

#TheAdviserBootCamp was an action packed day full of punch and, tough though it was to summarise, here are our key take-outs from the day:

1. Build a knowledge center on your website

What are the top ten questions asked by your clients?  Answer these and post them to the blog section of your website

2. Move with the times  - ‘Transactional’ businesses are Out and ‘Informational’ Businesses are In

By becoming a knowledge center and adopting a helpful mindset, you can move into the new era of being an informational business

3. Your website is owned by you, compared to social media platforms which clearly are not

Make sure your blog posts and premium content are published first on your website and that all social media trails lead back there

4. Supercharge your brand with social media

Create a strategy and choose the social media platforms that work best for your particular business.  Communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time

5. Never think that you are ‘just too old’ for social media

One of the “Broker Hot Seat” participants testified that despite being father of twenty-something year old children, he had committed to LinkedIn as a starting point, had enjoyed early success and was really enjoying the digital ride

6. Make sure your website is “mobile responsive”

To clarify, when a website is responsive, the layout and content responds (or, adapts) dynamically based on the size of the screen it's presented on. Google will penalize your website if it is not mobile responsive, and this will affect your search ranking adversely

7. Social Proof

Nothing beats what others say about you and your business.   Get your referrals, recommendations and endorsements published on your website urgently. Google sees this as ‘relevance’ which contributes significantly towards your SEO and ranking.

Polls conducted during the bootcamp were revealing of the current status of digital/social media marketing in the adviser/broker sphere. Most of the attendees selected “making my website more effective” as an area to give the most focus to after the event.  Attendees favoured this option over the others - content strategy, social media strategy or pay per click advertising.

Having an established website for many years, we recently started the social media journey at Quantum Credit and it has been an interesting experience so far. Why not get social with us - links on our blog page!

We wish you every success in your digital marketing and social media journeys!

Mind of a Digital Marketer

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