Quantum Credit is a well-established and reputable business loans company that is institutionally backed and independent of any Australian banking or broking group.

Quantum Credit is ideally placed to provide a one-stop-shop business finance solution for all short term business loan needs. The Group has the proven capacity to structure finance on the basis of either first mortgage or second mortgage secured properties, or on a combination of first and second mortgages.

In providing fast and flexible short term finance solutions, Quantum Credit offers:

  • Same day loan assessments within a flexible credit policy
  • Innovative and customized business and investment loan solutions
  • Legal documents issued within 48 hours of signature of terms
  • Loan settlement within 48 hours of signature of legal documents 
  • Roll over facilities where appropriate

Small and medium businesses often find that the banking system is not able to meet their needs for short term finance due to long assessment and settlement periods, and a generally inflexible “tick all the boxes” approach to lending. Quantum Credit provides urgent finance when banks can’t assist.

Small and medium business owners across Australia can access short term loans between $100,000 and $5 million for:

  • Commercial property finance for purchase and development
  • Working capital finance
  • Creditor payments (including ATO debts)
  • Business investments /expansion
  • Debt refinancing loans
  • Buying out a shareholder/partner
  • Construction completion

While Quantum Credit loans provide flexible funding for business loan terms up to 24 months, with a further short extension possible upon application, longer term finance can be facilitated if required. 

To see if you meet the criteria for a Quantum Credit short term business or investment loan, complete our Quick Loan Enquiry Form or contact us on 1300 135 212.