There are two ways in which Quantum Credit works with the broker network:

  • The broker merely introduces a loan opportunity to Quantum Credit in return for an introducer or referrer fee if a loan eventuates. The data collection, credit assessment, negotiation and settlement processes are managed entirely by Quantum Credit working directly with the client.
  • The broker fulfils a full intermediary role between the client and Quantum credit in return for a broker fee. In this situation, until time of signature, Quantum Credit needs to have little or no interaction with the borrower

In both of these situations, an Introducer Agreement is concluded, either up front, in anticipation of loan opportunities to come over time, or at the time of loan application being introduced and processed.

If you as a broker operate under the banner of an aggregator that requires you to work only with a select panel of approved bank and non-bank funders, we can still assist you with those urgent, hard-to-place loans - call us to discuss scenarios.