Please Call Us On 1300 135 212Quantum Credit carries on business as a mortgage lender, specializing in mortgage-backed short term loans. The business is a very much a niche operator, providing funding for business or investment purposes. Typical clients are borrowers that do not fit the lending criteria of Australia’s traditional financial institutions and they include small to medium size business owners, the self employed and property investors.

Traditional lending institutions often cannot meet a borrower’s urgent time constraints, especially in complex mortgage-backed short term loans structure or multiple borrower situations where complete information is not always available. All of Quantum Credit's lending opportunities arise out of the need that our clients  have to access quick credit decisions and alternative finance solutions.

Providing lending services that are fast and efficient, Quantum Credit customises every funding solution to the unique borrowing needs of the borrower. Quantum Credit's proven ability to assess risk, structure mortgage-backed short term loans and collect payments means borrowers will be provided with the lending solution best suited to their needs.