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Short term funding - the way it should be done

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Heard of Bitcoin?

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Loyalty Agreements Back on Agenda

Quantum Credit - Loyalty AgreementsBack in Black: Accolades for Switched-On Broker

With debts totalling almost $3 million, a local transport company teetered precariously on the brink of collapse: it would almost certainly have fallen off the cliff if not for the sound advice of a finance broker.

Fortunately for this small business operator, his broker understood the key...



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Loan scenarious sometimes makes for strange bedfellows

Quantum Credit - Loan Scenarios - Short or LongLeading short-term lender, Quantum Credit Business Development Executive, Rhode Truter says one valid perspective on the crucial role of short-term lenders is; "they look after banks' customers" by providing short-term funding solutions that otherwise may... 



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How to get ahead in banking? Get drunk

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Sport Can Build Business Muscles

Quantum Credit triathlete

The correlation between sporting prowess and business acumen is now widely accepted - from boardrooms to business management institutes - more

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